Season's greetings from the depths, part II

This a sequel to "Season's greetings from the depths" (24 December, 2016). It turns out that even great carols tend to get old pretty quick.

My then-fiancée/now-wife Sharah came up with a brilliant list of Fishmas carols for me, but my artistic abilities weren't up the task of illustrating most of them:
My drawing skills are still not worthy of her genius, but that didn't stop us from coming up with even more Fishmas carol ideas this year:
  • We Three King Crabs
  • A Whale in a Manger / A Ray in a Manger
  • Shark! Hear the Bells
  • Little Drummer Koi
  • Starfish of the East
  • O Holy Pike
  • I'm dreaming of a bite Fishmas, by Bing Jawsby (a shark)
  • As shepherds watch their haddock by night
  • Let it glow, by an anglerfish
  • I Wonder as I Flounder
  • It Came a Prawn a Midnight Clear
  • Ding Dugong Manatee on High
  • O Squiddle Town of Bethlehem
  • O Fishmas Reef
  • Bring Trout, Wild Bells
Maybe someday I'll be able to give some of these the illustrations they deserve. Or maybe some of you, dear readers, would like to give it a try?


re: Meta excuses

I've read what thousands of strangers have written as they shared it with their own friends and loved ones, and I wanted to collect it all into one big composite, a sort of crowd-sourced message of love and compassion.
Today, I made that message into a comic as well.

The universality of human experience

The above comic is a remake of this one from 2015.
In addition to the much-improved presentation and legibility, I've sharpened the wording.
Someday, I hope to do the same for more of these older comics.


In which the Floating Head of Salvador Dalí perplexes an octopus

This morning's doodle, brought to you by bad camera phone scan quality and lack of a clearly defined joke.
Which, now that I think of it, used to describe everything on this comic.



Great news! By popular request, you can now buy this comic as a greeting card.* Click here.
 *I'll add some details in the comments below.


The captain's catchphrase

The captain had hoped for uproarious laughter, greater camaraderie, an increase in morale. The ensuing disappointment put him in a foul mood that not even Hairy Pete the dancing monkey could brighten.