Taking a sick day

Editor's note: the cartoonist is cartoonishly ill today. The following drawings are re-runs from a much lower-fi era of the comic, but they roughly approximate the cartoonist's general state today.
Apologies for the barely-legible text.


Getting along

When a bully and a victim are both told to "just get along" by a disinterested third party, the only person who benefits is the bully.


The persistence of the persistence of memory

Is Routinadrol™  right for me?
Let me answer that question with another question: if it weren't right for you, would you be seeing this commercial right now?
No more stupid questions. Demand your own prescription today.


Pastries to stare at

"Hello, yes, you've reached The Male Glaze. Would you like to place an order?"
___"I'm just calling to see if you still have any of those, um, sculptures for sale."
"Sir, I think you've got the wrong number. 'Male Gaze Phallocentric Pottery', right?"
___"Oh, how embarrassing."
"Not at all. Happens all the time. I can give you their number, if you like."