31 August 2013

I have my reasons

Maybe you saw this yesterday already, but last week I wrote and recorded a little EP as musical alter-ego Livingstonian. It's a departure from my instinctive vocals-and-guitar-and-nothing-else style. Maybe you'll like it? Maybe not. Either way, I wouldn't mind hearing why.

30 August 2013

Proving a point

In today's news, livingstonian (the musical equivalent of the scribbles you see above) just released the Back to School EP, and because I know you hate clicking more than you have to, I've embedded it right below on this page.

29 August 2013

Hours of fun!

As far as summer jobs go, manning the cadaver booth at the mall wasn't too bad, even when business was slow.

27 August 2013

Don't knock it 'til you try it

In Crustacean Singles news, I'm pleased to announce that the book I illustrated and co-authored, What The French?! is now available on the iTunes book store. I also end up doing a lot of drawings for the blog, WhatTheFrench.com, which you should totally read, even if you don't want to give us money.

21 August 2013

Learning curve

I just realized that I have more conversations with imaginary stick figures in my head than I do with real people in real life*. I don't really feel bad about it, it's just something I observed with mild interest, like an anthropologist studying myself from the outside. I wonder if the primitive people who made all those  cave paintings were maybe not whole tribes but just one guy per cave, alone and drawing stuff to keep busy or to hold off the loneliness.


*Unless you count texts and the facebeast,  but even then it's a close call. And I don't think they count, anyway.

13 August 2013

A marked departure

The following drawing may be kind of shocking to those of you who are used to the regular stick person faces with hollow eyes and no noses. But I happened upon a book illustrated by Quentin Blake, and I wondered if I could draw that way.

06 August 2013

Get me out

I would steal a number of unreasonable things, and then give them away, to not have to be here.

05 August 2013

04 August 2013

But I always thought...

This image is one of many illustrations for What The French?!, a book for French learners I've been co-authoring which will (hopefully) be on sale really soon. You can find out more (or see more awkward stick figures) at www.whatthefrench.com.

02 August 2013

Summer blockbusters

If any of you find someone who wants to direct this, I could have the script written in a day or two. 
The puns will be out of control.