Nothing important to say

(The implications of this comic for the world in which it takes place are so troubling to me that I feel compelled to label this one non-canonical.)


So you want to get back in touch

I've spent a lot of time thinking about yesterday's post. I had a long conversation with myself to try to figure out what it is that keeps me from reaching out. Today's comic is an adaptation of that conversation.
More to come tomorrow.


Getting ready for Getting Back in Touch Day 2019

   Two years ago, I posted a comic about wanting to get back in touch with people but having a hard time doing so:

 Last year, I took that comic and made a sort of sequel to it, one that might take place only minutes later, as the same character from the original revises their thoughts and prepares to actually do the reaching out:

   I thought then, and still do now, that both versions have validity and usefulness. The sentiment is apparently a relatable one; no other comic in CrustaceanSingles' eight-plus years has ever spread so far or so fast as that one on 27 November 2017 did. I witnessed thousands of complete strangers pouring their hearts out and reconnecting with old friends in comment sections around the internet, all sparked by my sad, strange stick figure's overly wordy thoughts. It was, and still is, pretty surreal for me.
   It's also a little bittersweet. There are so many people I have known and cared about but lost contact with over the years. I haven't reached out to many of them in the two years since I posted that comic. I have plenty of excuses, sure; chronic physical and mental illness are real, and one of the worst things they do to a person is to take away possibilities. Still, I can't help but feel hypocritical posting about Getting Back in Touch Day.
   But instead of hiding from that hypocrisy, I want to face it, think about it, respond to it. Today, I'm posting the original and last year's follow-up. Tomorrow (and maybe the next day), I'll post whatever I can come up with. I don't have any idea what it will be as I write this. I'll be thinking about it, though, and reading anything you all have to say about it, too.


Mast and furious

[Author's note: Do I feel good about this one? No, of course not. But they can't all be winners, and I'll be back tomorrow to try again.]