I might


This is true of almost anyone you meet. Really makes you think.


open mic / open wound


thank you for that uncomfortable applause
(and thank you for reading my comics. I will try to make better ones when/if I get some sleep)


The appointed time


You'll just have to torment yourself if you feel the need to be tormented.


Subterranean superiority


Been drafting in crayon quite a bit lately. It feels like a good match for my drawing skills.


Withholding hand


I needed to practice drawing hands, you see, and then suddenly there it was: the closest I've come to being proud of a thing in a very long time. (I shouldn't have to say it, but this one is certainly not autobiographical. I have high-fived my dad and will probably do it again. Also, we look much stranger than these creatures.)


A viable product for which demand exists


"Wouldn't their home already smell like dirt?" 

—"Perhaps they're living above ground for work and felt homesick. I didn't pry."


Anecdotal realization


I really gotta start realizing these things before I say them aloud in human company.


Nature's highest compliment

 I scribbled this on my phone! What a time to be alive! Sorry about the handwriting, though.


Posthumous animation


What are YOUR top picks for a GIF epitaph?
(P.S. please no fighting over the pronunciation of 'GIF'. But in case you didn't know, the only correct answer rhymes with 'knife'.)




This is a real song I wrote in 2008, and it remains one of Crustacean Baby's favorites.



Quite alike


I used this one a few years ago for Remake Monday, where I redid it with more current art and more legible lettering. I often improve the phrasing on RM comics, but I think I got it right the first time with this one.


Piracy and the arts


the Floating Head of Salvador Dalí has important ideas that cannot wait around for the convenience of your precious sleep patterns


What the hands are doing


By special request, one that managed to spread pretty far when originally posted. 
Many people took the time to point out to me versions of it that had already been done. I will at least say for myself that as far as I could see, everyone else had the hands turning into the hands of Satan, but since I would draw Satan with little '3'-like squiggles, I had the hands turn into each into a little Satan. So. That's a much funnier joke.