Some old cowboys


In fairness to them, it does get powerful lonesome out on the prairie and in the desert and whatnot.


Ready for retraction


This is an old draft from January and is not a direct reference to anyone in particular. Just, you know, dozens and dozens of essentially interchangeable (and fully poseable!) individuals who got caught enough that they had to pretend to apologize.
Also, drawing this one reminded me how terrible it is to attempt to draw actual hands. What a baffling mess the human hand is.



The present inconvenience


This is merely an alternate draft of last Sunday's comic. I'm slacking off and calling it 'self-care'.


Let's not fight


Can you even imagine trying to fight yourself? Even if you win, you lose.


Just asking questions



I bet there's actual precedent on this, but I didn't look it up in 2014 and I'm not looking it up now.

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Volunteer ghostwriting


Of course, you're going to want to check their work first. Don't take their word for it.


Masquerade party



I usually do 'Remake Monday' by digging through my archives for an old comic with a concept I like and an execution I think I can do better now. But today I am mostly phoning it in; I've replaced the original's illegible scrawl of G-2 ink with the custom handwriting font I use now, and changed one word, but that's all. I hope that, if nothing else, this makes my current comics look a little better by comparison.

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Need to know


Did I already cover that today? Let me just check my lesson plan...




Surely it was only through examining my handwriting that you reached your conclusion, and not by observing anything else about me.


Stop and drop and then what?


The fire department thanked me for my input before asking me politely but firmly to leave.



Temporal acquisitions



I believe it's a common expression, and should therefore be assumed to be true.


Interpersonal criteria


As far as I'm concerned, no one (and especially no one who will die someday) needs an excuse to move on from a book that isn't doing it for them.

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Mistaken conflation


"This is much better news than you're acting like it is," added the Floating Head of Salvador Dalí.


Crossed lines


While the arb is the ISO standard unit, many researchers continue to use the ject (Subjective Unit). To the massive befuddlement of everyone involved in contemporary arbitrariness/subjectivity studies, it has thus far proven impossible to determine the ratio of arbs to jects.

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Nice things


The nice things are in my imagination. That's the safest place.

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Only solipsist


And if this isn't funny to you, don't worry: it's just because you're one of me.


Stuck figures


I was going for absurdism, not attempting to dunk on youths for their incomprehensible fads. Please don't cyberbully me.


A literary classic


On Friday, he spent five minutes drawing the comic, but he was too tired to do a better imitation of the art style.