let the crushing loneliness begin

It turns out that the overwhelming majority of people with a blog are devastatingly alone. People who read internet cartoons, too.

Here are some of those people. More will follow. If one of them strikes your fancy, let us know. Find love at Crustacean Singles. 

((I really am curious to hear which ones you like, and which ones you like like))


In the absence of a clear winner

publish first and ask questions later.

true story

I cannot stress enough that there's nothing funny about AIDS. But there's a lot to say about the ineffectual bureaucratic attempts to help. And World of Warcraft.

Kids, if you don't believe me, I encourage you to try it at home.



(that's sort of the point)

Here are some b-sides:
It's like a pet made of your torso!
I mean, you work out, right?
144,00 tabs to usher in the wikipocalypse