A bald figure with an unkempt beard and wild stare holds a sign that formerly read "The end is near"; the final word has been crossed out and replaced with "being withheld as punishment".

This is probably doctrinal to some real group out there, huh?



Mind changing


Top caption: The thrilling conclusion to "I have to get out of here", panel 1 of 4: / The panel shows the shovel-user, still sitting on the log, projects outward calm while saying, "I think—and I am furious about this—you are right." Bottom caption: See the rest on ko-fi.com/CrustaceanSingles .

I've just added one more four-panel entry to "I have to get out of here" to the yesterday's megapost on ko-fi.com/CrustaceanSingles. Here's the first of the four final panels, which I hope will interest you enough to follow a linkto a second location.


Catching up on getting out of here


Image of a shovel with the title "I have to get out of here".

For the dozen of you who were following the "I have to get out of here" story, this post starts at the beginning and catches up on the story I didn't post from 2024-06-19 to -23. Then there are several words I wrote about it all.



Cloud cover


Illustration: A person sits in the basket of a hot air balloon disguised as a cloud. The balloon floats among real clouds. The person writes in a notebook. Bottom caption: Mere days into the study, I believe the herd has accepted me as one of their own.

Though I do worry about the awkwardness to come when everyone else starts raining.




Person 1, pointing: Is that a question mark hovering over your head? Person 2, slumped and looking confused: Yeah. I don't get it.

Keep in mind that your booing will only make me stronger.


Condiments and comprehensibility


Person 1, smiling and gesticulating: "[Conversing conversationally]". Person 2, with small, faraway eyes: "Sorry, I'm too hungry to see you as anything but a giant talking sandwich, and I can't understand you through all the mustard."

But let me be clear: I am not complaining about the amount of mustard. Even more would be good too. You could totally pull it off.


Discussion: I should have drawn the person as the talking sandwich, maybe? Despite the fact that we are observing this scene from outside the second character's perspective? And more importantly despite the fact that I didn't want to?


Do it right


A cloud with a face says, "The thing you did was bad, but I don't care about that part. Just do it right is what I'm saying."
Starting to think this cloud needs professional help. (This is nothing but my brain is broken and insists on posting sunk costs instead of a rerun.)


New captain, not the same as the old captain


Text: "Captain Birdbeard". Pictured: a person with a tuft of hair atop their head and a long, black-and-grey beard in which at least four little yellow birds are nestled.

This isn't really a comic, but who actually cares? I can only get in trouble with myself & I don't really respect that guy's opinion anyway.