Amphibious clothing

Sometimes I scribble some weird nonsense in my notebook & look at it & think, "I can make people look at this on the internet. I shouldn't, but I can. And I probably will."



Mixed predicaments


...on a troubled bridge (burning at both ends) over hell and high waters.


Space trip


"Promise not to be mad, mission control?"
(In real life, of course, spacewalkers use "Maximum Absorbency Garments", which I guess is the coolest name they could come up with for space diapers.)
The subject of today's Remake Monday was first posted on 2013-11-17.


Learned behaviors in artificial intelligence


Who would have thought that an AI raised by a loving team of introverted nerds would end up like this?



Try to imagine something, anything...everything but the height and the fall.


Procrastination without delay

This is one of those ideas that I feel extremely confident must have been done before (& quite possibly better than my version); the draft languishes in my notebook until desperation or indifference convinces me to settle for it. Anyway, here you go.


Open house


It's the kind of place you just might live for the rest of your life.


Serpent sound

Still can't come up with an idea for a Halloween costume? Crustacean Singles is here to help*.


* if you are a snake


A final summation


For a guy with no intention of ever being buried in the ground, I spend a weird amount of time thinking about epitaphs.


A cautionary reality


Lobsterman used to appear a lot more often in these comics. He tends to lurk backstage these days, I think because the chaotic evil he represents is less amusing to me in a world full of real, emboldened chaotic evil.
But here he is for Remake Monday, reminding you that he's perfectly willing to devour your children.


Skeletally unsettling


Fish, dolphins, whales, human divers...all deeply unsettling. It's that jointed, bony way they move.



 If you're not going to eat it, don't hunt it. Be a ghost-watcher instead.


The afterlife of the party


Note: the date on this one incorrectly reads "2020-10-22" rather than "2020-10-21". Fixing it would be a whole thing, so I'm counting on no one caring. Thank you for your indifference.


Don't run away!


If people would only stop running away, Franklin could get them a great deal on axes.

The subject of today's Remake Monday was first posted as flash fiction on 2016-03-24.


Happy Howlentine's Day


13 October is Howlentine's Day! I forgot to remind everyone about it this year. That's my bad. But it's not too late to celebrate the weirdness of love & friendship. It could be as easy as sharing this very comic. You could also read more about Howlentine's Day in this public post.