Looking for something

Mental Health
It's like the underlying fabric of existence (which believe it or not, is woven and spun in real time by the furious machinery of every human mind) has, for him, taken the form of a perfectly lukewarm full-body glove, the interior of which is unsmooth without being the slightest bit uncomfortable. His mind is heavy with the pleasant satisfaction of having borne a great weight for a long time, coming now to rest, briefly stretch, and rest again. Of course there will be more, at some uncertain (and in his current state, absolutely abstract) future time. But for now, there is rest.


Between the lines

This isn't really a ha-ha-type cartoon, I know. It was really, really fun to draw, though.


Beyond the grave

Mental Health
A door slammed, breaking the too-silent silence that had pervaded until then. The floorboards creaked, and cupboard hinges gave off variable-pitch squeals. It sent a chill cascading through me; I live alone. Others might think these sounds were ghost sounds, but I knew better.
Contrary to popular belief, ghosts can't open doors, don't have footsteps, and couldn't intervene in the affairs of something so corporeally mundane as a cupboard even if they wanted to. Most of us are way over the physical realm. That doesn't mean we don't get the creeps when paranormal sounds are heard in our houses.


Not what you say, but how you say it

Dear readers,

I'm going to be on the road for a few days. I've set up automatic daily posts 'til Saturday. If you stop hearing from me after that, it means I've decided to fake my death and embrace a new identity, probably as a beekeeper in the woods. If so, I will miss you desperately. We'll always have these haphazard doodles and the moments that we shared, though, right? Right. See you later. Maybe. Probably. Maybe.


Our life as a montage

Yes, I would love to rob banks with you, but I don't think it would be a smart move for either of us. 


Some were meant to stay lost

Mental Health
The package reads:
BEEF NUBS: Try them again, and maybe it'll be different this time!
BEEF NUBS: Not USDA-disapproved!
BEEF NUBS: Fit for human consumption? Why not!
BEEF NUBS: Desiccated for your comfort. 


Wishful thinking

Mental Health
"Well, son, it's like my own dad used to say to me: 'wish in one hand, and pour the gasoline with the other, and see which one burns your neighbor's house down first.'"


Eternal summer

Mental Health
The basement-dweller had run out of provisions, and many hours remained before a safe darkness would steal over the earth and he could emerge, a furtive shadow in search of ice cream. For now, he had no choice but to go without; he could not risk exposing himself to the crushing weight of day.


As luck would have it

For a really fun time, replace 'lucky' with 'blessed' and watch my social media sphere tear itself apart.