21 February 2019

What now?

So what happens now? 
(Now that the land chose me to become a wizard of the corn through the sign of the corn on the blob, that is.)
[Wizards of the Corn II]

20 February 2019

the Corn on the Blob in its full glory

Earlier today, I posted a comic about an ominous form of corn morphology. But there was so much going on in the scene that the agricultural item in question couldn't be shown in a large size or with much detail. That's been bugging me all day, so here is the Corn on the Blob in its full, vaguely menacing glory.

The sign of the corn

A few people wanted to see the "corn on the blob" I mentioned yesterday. While I could have just posted a picture of the titular blob, I had a hard time resisting the urge to dig a little deeper.

19 February 2019

Apology letter

Author's note: What does it mean? I won't pretend to know exactly. I've been even less lucid than usual so far today, and it was either this comic or an even vaguer idea involving the words "corn on the blob". I'm going back to bed.