Erosion of energy

So what do we do about it?
I know I should support free and independent investigative journalism, and tell elected representatives how I feel as a constituent, and call out injustice when I see it, and and and...
...be patient when it doesn't seem like anything I do is making a difference, and I don't have the energy to spare?


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"How do these algorithms always get it so wrong?"
___"Right? There needs to be a way to specifically hate-browse, so it knows you're not actually interested."


El espíritu de investigación

Amigos y amigas hispanohablantes que buscan el cómico, que ustedes salten la explicación en inglés.

Sometimes, I find copies of my comics on places like Pinterest, imgur, and the Facebeast without attribution. That's why I started adding the web address to each image, in fact. I don't get too upset at the breach of internet etiquette itself, but I oppose the stealing of these comics without attribution for two main reasons:
  1. If people like the one cartoon they see (heavily JPEGged copy-of-a-copy though it may be), I want them to know where to get more, and
  2. I sometimes include text related to the cartoon, and stealing just the image is like pirating the first 120 minutes of a 130-minute movie. That's just stupid.
So a weird thing happened the other day.
I saw a cartoon I had drawn about 9 months ago, one that gets copied with and without attribution quite a bit; that wasn't the weird part. This one happened to be in Spanish, and it had been redrawn (probably in MS Paint) in a pretty close imitation of my style. I'll insert that one at the end of this post, but first, I have used my original drawing with the Spanish translation in my own handwriting. I'm not a native Spanish-speaker and my much greater French fluency tends to intrude on my Spanish efforts, so mis amigos y amigas hispanohablantes, please send me corrections if something here isn't quite right. And if you want other comics translated, we can make that happen.

Oh, and also: there was text accompanying this one. Here's my best effort at translating it as well:
¿Deseas mantener un modelo geocéntrico del universo? ¿O nunca curar la poliomielitis? ¿Sí? Pues sigue haciendo así.

And here's the promised remake. I'm honestly kind of impressed. Only a little, though.

Applause assessment


Pure comedy

It's the only known security system to be powered by the very object it protects.



"Oh, is this not Intermediate Interruptions?"
___"Ah, no. That course, I believe, is in room two-hundred and eleven of this building."
"I'm awfully sorry about that. What class is this?"
___"Misleading Strangers For Fun & Profit. It's a seminar."