It's a process


I couldn't find, like, a section for it. Would really appreciate any pointers.

The subject of today's Remake Monday was first posted on 2017-02-28.


A gateway drug


If anyone needs me, I'll be leading a life of quiet contemplation.


Parenting evaluation


Today's comic is something I actually said to the Crustacean Baby. My wife keeps a list of things she overhears me say to him, and she just posted the second installment today. Read the rest of them at https://twitter.com/sharahmeservy/status/1496891272165920769



Found in the forest


Sasquatch is off the grid and does not carry cash.

The subject of today's Remake Monday was first posted on 2012-02-04 as a Mental Health entry.


Extreme weather preparedness


I'm known today for my comics*, but I like to think I'll be remembered for my brilliant inventions.

*my mom tells people about them, like, all the time


Welcome to my island


"I must confess I've been disappointed with the public's lack of response to my constant invitations."


Magic words


Terrible way to find out you have magical powers.
(First draft had 'bud' instead of 'pal', but I changed it so I wouldn't feel obligated to draw little buds on the branches.)


Uncertainty of ignorance


If the only thing I didn't know was that I knew everything, that would just be annoying.