17 August 2018

Both intelligent and not

1) I like to think I didn't sound quite this bad during my adolescence. Believing that helps me sleep at night.
2) Mostly I just wanted an excuse to show off my latest typeface in progress. I call it Cephalothorax, because of course I do.

08 August 2018

You've changed, man

This is one of those ideas that feels like it has to have been done before. But a cursory search turned up nothing, so I hope my version here is at least different enough that it won't seem like I stole it.

03 August 2018

The right time

You'll have much more free time, and it's far more socially acceptable when you're a ghost.

20 July 2018

The problem has been addressed

I'd be delighted to see "butter one's bread on both sides" become an idiom meaning roughly "to technically address a problem but in a way that not only fails to solve it or prevent it, but is also wasteful and creates even more future problems."

05 July 2018

Insufficient space


   I have news that I'm both excited and nervous to share with you all. But that combination of excitement and nervousness, plus my raging perfectionism, has meant that I've spent weeks and months trying to figure out just the right way to make this announcement. So to put an end to the self-inflicted agony, here it is now without working through seven drafts:
   I'll be launching a Crustacean Singles Patreon very soon. Multiple levels of patronage (starting at just $1 US per month) will reward supporters with extra comics, short fiction, greeting cards, and much more. As the details come out, I hope you'll take a look at the reward tiers and pledge your support.

   Meanwhile, I've set up a few online tip jars for one-time donations:
   In a way, I'm like a street artist whose work you can enjoy without leaving the house, which I think is pretty great. Stray coins tossed in the general direction of my hat are always appreciated.

   And for those who can't afford it, the daily comics will always be free! So you have that going for you, which is nice. And there are plenty of non-monetary ways to support this comic if you love it: keep reading, responding, and sharing with friends/lovers/strangers/enemies.