Camouflage in the natural world

You might read this one and think, "But cephalopods also lack the ability to produce human speech sounds." To which I would respond that you are of course correct, and your refund is on its way.

The subject of today's Remake Monday was first posted on 2015-07-27.


The nicest of days

I used to post tiny fictions along with the comics, sometimes (but not necessarily) related to the comic or its themes. Here's the paragraph that accompanied the comic of 2015-07-18, of which this is a remake:
The professionally friendly person had urged him to have a nice day, and he had responded with the requisite blandness. Little did he know that the very next day would be the nicest of his entire life, beginning with the smell of blueberry pancakes and ending, not unpleasantly, with the crackle and glow and smoke of an uncontrolled fire.


It's always hammer time

So I guess the moral of the story is "make the nails you wish to see in the world"...?


Meet Geribald!

Geribald appeared in my notebook one day & we have been terrific pals ever since.



Second opinions

The important thing is that I had fun drawing this one and laying out the text. That's something the Reverend Doctor Choppy and I have in common: we love what we do.


Strong words

(The subject of today's Remake Monday was first posted on 2015-07-05.)


Swears like a sailor

(Concept by Sharah Meservy, poring through nineteenth-century nautical lexicons by yours truly.)


The worth of time

I'd go back and warn myself, but troubleshooting the resulting causal paradoxes would be even less fun.