26 May 2018

Alternatives to assistance

Sometimes I play around with multiple versions of a comic's core concept. Sometimes I have trouble choosing which one to use. Here are versions B and C of the Clippy comic from earlier today.
What do you think? Should I have opted for one of these, or was the first version the best one?

22 May 2018

A sudden moment of clarity

Since I love ruining jokes almost as much as I like making them, let me be the first to say that "lightning never strikes the same place twice" is a myth.

20 May 2018

Action and inaction

I have often been in the position of both of these stick figures. Sometimes both at the time time.

07 May 2018

They grow so fast

I just want what every morally ambiguous, slightly deranged scientist wants for their clones: a better life. And that includes coming up with their own schemes and keeping their noses out of mine.

A remake of "I'll be so proud".

06 May 2018

Heaps of praise

Humility is about being radically honest with yourself, and that includes acknowledging and appreciating what's great about you. 
External validation, while not as important, is also pretty great.