Get plenty of exorcise



The book itself matters less than your connection to it. I've seen demons banished to the infernal pit with nothing more than a tattered Far Side collection. But you have to be ready.



The Grifting Tree



They took advantage of the Giving Tree. But the Grifting Tree has a plan to get revenge with the greatest arboreal con ever pulled.



The itness of being


No, I don't know what it means either. But as soon as I drafted it, I became powerless against its ominousness.


Create something

the Floating Head of Salvador Dalí is here to encourage you to enjoy the liberating magic of creating something compellingly ugly.


Baby names

The term "baby names" suggests that, like "baby teeth", they will eventually fall out and be replaced by permanent ones.


Technical impossibilities

Power's been out in most of my city since sometime in the night. Internet access is just barely starting to get fast enough to post this. A lot of things are technical impossibilities right now.


The Party Hat Paradox

In a special issue of The Journal of Applied Navel-Gazing, the top scholars in the field weigh in on this intractable problem.