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Crustacean Singles 

is so named mostly in reference to the proliferation of internet dating sites that appear to be increasing in the specificity of target groups, to the point that I have been invited by friendly advertisers to find love among Zulu warriors, horse trainers, and 55+ year-old women. So why not crustaceans?

In a tidy coincidence, the drawings are all mostly 'singles' in that they consist of only one panel each. I attribute this feature to my (negligible) attention span.

This project has its roots in attention deficit-inducing elementary school classrooms and summer afternoons reading The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes. On them, and on later influences such as soul-crushing middle school and webcomics like explodingdog and toothpastefordinner, history may ultimately place at least part of the blame for the twisted monster I've become.

(last updated in, like, 2012)