Let's talk about the weather

Mental Health
"Do you mean generally, or in this particular situation right now? Because to be perfectly honest, officer, there always seems to be a problem somewhere. As for my buddy here in the garbage bag, I prefer to think of him as more of an opportunity than a problem. He doesn't move around much anymore, so I have to drag him around and stuff him in the trunk of my car sometimes, but I just try to make the best of it."


  1. such a regional problem

    like go to africa dude

    in africa they have savannahs and floods all the time but in predictable halves of the year. do you want that? do you want just savannahs and floods? At least in Utah there are like ten kinds of weather and you NEVER know what's coming

  2. People complain about the unpredictability of the weather everywhere I've lived i.e. Mexico, Las Vegas, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah.

  3. Savannahs are not a weather condition.
    Either way, I'm actually not complaining. I'm just rephrasing what I hear from the humans.