For what

And now for some Mental Health having nothing whatsoever to do with the above:
Here is a bacterium, a member of a sentient species currently unknown to humanity, whose entire life lasts only a few hours but contains roughly the same complexity and beauty as most human lives, compressed into that brief frame. The name of this bacterium, expressed in the wiggles of cilia, cannot be reproduced in any human writing system but is the exact historical and etymological analogue of the English name 'Melissa' in the world of these bacteria.
Melissa hates its job, lacks meaningful hobbies, and has a rocky relationship with its parent, from whom it divided seventy-two minutes ago but who continues to meddle in its affairs. Melissa faces social pressure to reproduce a copy of itself, but hasn't seemed able to amass the nutrients required or find a secure location favorable to the survival of the hypothetical copy of itself, and isn't even sure that it wants to contribute to the overcrowding of the environment, anyway. Melissa feels trapped.

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