Panel 1 of 4: A bottle sits on a table. The label reads "Juice that makes you wake up". The art is drawn with simple black outlines. Coloring is monochromatic in teal. The table has a scribbled approximation of wood grain. The bottle is oddly outlined in semi-opaque teal but itself is colorless. These coloring conventions hold for subsequent panels.  Panel 2 of 4: A stick figure holds the bottle and reads the label, thinking, "How would you even be drinking it if you were asleep?" The thought bubble, like the bottle, is colorless.  Panel 3 of 4: The person sets the bottle back on the table. Its label now reads "Can you hear me in there?" but this is no longer within the person's field of view.  Panel 4 of 4: A close view of the now-abandoned bottle, identical to the first panel except for the fact that its label now reads "Please wake up." END

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