10 April 2012

I am a precocious geriatric

Mental Health
(chapter seven, continued)

What the kid liked most about his visit to the grounds of the school was that, though every single student of the school had been out on the field, he had drawn the attention of none. He was sure that a few had remarked his presence, but those who had seemed not to find it remarkable. For a kid who treasured life under the radar, that would be heaven. 
Even the teachers, he had observed, seemed pretty laid back: they had allowed the children to break ranks after a while, when the fire alarm malfunction showed no signs of being repaired or repairable. Even most of the firemen gave up, standing in circles with the teachers or answering the children's inane questions. Only their chief had kept plugging away at a control box on the outside of the school, but he only seemed to be able to change the sound of the alarm, not turn it off.
Anyway, the kid had a good feeling about this school. He was pretty sure he would like to go there.

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