Double the moustache, double the fun

And now for something completely different:

Mental Health
The warden led me down a dark hall. "You've been at the job for what, six weeks now?" I nodded. He said, "It's time you saw what we keep in the basement of D block. You need to know, in case anything should happen to me." I didn't dare ask what was coming, or why the blueprints for the compound didn't show a basement on any of the buildings. I could see the warden's hand tremble as he pulled out a key, not from his usual keyring at his belt, but from around his neck. We came to a door marked "UTILITY" on the side of D block and he unlocked it. 
"You'll hear 'em before you see 'em. That's the worst part," he said. 
"Them, sir?" 
"The babies."

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