Announcing the 2018 Valentines Pack

Get those sweet, sweet valentines by going HERE. Or...you know what, I'm just going to reproduce that page on this post since we're both here already, and maybe clicking the link is too many steps.

Crustacean Singles presents
Crustacean Salutations
Valentines Pack 2018
Pay-what-you-want download

Are you a do-it-yourself kind of person? Have you put off preparing for Valentine’s Day until it's almost too late? Do you want to personalize a card by coloring it in with your own blood? Or maybe paper-based cards aren’t enough for your special someone; maybe your profession of love must be printed on human skin.
No judgment here. Crustacean Salutations has a solution for all of you: this downloadable pack of valentines in an easy-to-print PDF format.

I’m offering this pack on a pay-what-you-want (or can) basis.
The pack includes seven unique designs, available in both color and black and white. Plus, the “I’m so glad we found each other” card comes in three design variants, because Crustacean Salutations believes that love is love.
So really, this is a pack of 16 different designs, all in one download. Each card retails at a little over $3 (USD), but the recommended donation for this pack is just $6 (USD).

 Secure transaction through Square Cash (preferred)
 Secure transaction through PayPal (although Square Cash is better)
But if you can't spare that much, or you know you're only going to print one or two of these designs, any amount above $0 would help me as an artist and as a person whose human body constantly requires human food.
And if you’re able to give more, I certainly wouldn’t complain.
One last thing before the download link...
I don’t have a mailing list, but you can (and should) follow me on all the social media platforms:
 twitter.com/crustaceansngls facebook.com/crustaceansingles 

I’m also going to be launching a Patreon account in the near future. I’m excited about the rewards I’ll be offering, even at the smallest supporter tiers. If you follow me on social media or keep reading this site, you’ll be sure to hear when the CrustaceanSingles Patreon goes live.
Alright. Last chance for donation links:
 Donate any amount with Square Cash
 Donate any amount with PayPal
Or Venmo, if that's your thing. (secure link) 
And now the download. go to the google drive folder to download all those sweet, sweet valentines

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