Midseason cancelation


Today's comic is divided into three 'pages' with four panels total. Panel 1 of 4: Orlo Cube, wearing the top hat, bursts into the office of some kind of studio bigwig and says, "You can't cancel Dramatis Personae!" The executive, sitting at their desk, says, "Can and must! It was going nowhere! Just character after quirky character, with the static shots and that weird voice narrating..." Panel 2 of 4: The angle has changed; the reader is now looking over Orlo's shoulder at the executive, still seated at the desk. Now the angle permits a view of a sparsely populated desk, with only a smartphone face down and a stack of folders full of documents. The exec continues: "People can tolerate an auteur, John, but there are limits." Orlo says, "My name is Orlo. Orlo Cube." The exec replies, "Very method. But you gotta let it go. Figure out what's next." Panel 3 of 4: a closeup on Orlo from the chest up, head leaning down so as to obscure Orlo's eyes, hands raised at the sides of face, gestculating. "But we never found out  the Secret of the Inner Hat!" Panel 4 of 4: Now Orlo's head droops, eyes still obscured the hat's brim. "*I* never found out."

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