15 March 2012


Mental Health
Chapter two-ish (part of a continuing series, which started two days ago). 
 The principal dreamed and did not know it. He was speaking to his mother about his two biggest problems which were, in order, his worsening male pattern baldness and then the kid he hated. His mother was blandly reassuring him, repeating "That's alright, that's alright" as though she hadn't heard a word he was saying. He tried to explain that it wasn't alright, it was all wrong. As he did, huge chunks of hair began to fall from his scalp. He dropped the phone, recoiling in horror at his own hair. 
He woke with a start, discovering in that instant that he really was holding his phone, which was emitting a steady dial tone, and that he was stony bald and had been for years. So the kid-- the kid was his biggest problem.

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