31 March 2012

Mental Health
A little more chapter six. 
The superintendent had been waiting by the principal's car every day for what felt like an hour, and which in reality usually turned out to be several hours, in the hopes of catching him and forcing him to explain himself. This was because the superintendent was now obsessed with getting to the bottom of the mystery of the principal's erratic behavior.
Today, he saw the familiar rustling in the bushes and the shape of a man running out of them, but this time the figure ran towards him. He braced himself, wondering if he would be attacked and get to finally fight someone for once. It was indeed the principal, but the man stopped short and was breathing heavily.  
"Superintendent," he said, hands on his knees, hunched over, "I can explain." 
He told what seemed to be a very long story, but told it very quickly. He mentioned a kid, and being paranoid, and a charter school (the superintendent didn't catch the name, but he hadn't heard of any nearby, and definitely not one matching the description) and then Principal Brink looked up at him, catching his breath a little more, and said, "I think I'm ready to be normal again, if that's alright."

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