Everyone is in on it

Interrogation results:
Your stories, not exceeding eight words each:
Well see, there was this bear . . .
Old MacDonald had a compelling reason to escape.
Work blows. Mexican food today. Yay.
When he got there, there weren't any earplugs.
Once there was an ugly barnacle. He died
It giraffe wanted to fly. It never did.
The once was a death, he killed all.
The burger was tasty, so I ate it.
Once upon a time, I told a story.
I was hungry. Then I wasn't.
Tried to kiss a girl, she said no.
once upon a time the world ended. 
Tim died. Moral: Don't eat jellyfish.
I peed my pants when I was 8.
what happens if you drink lysol?
blue feathers, silver claws, floating slowly

A question for the pedants: 'Less' or 'fewer' with a countable noun? Most of you are not pedants, as evidenced below:

Either. It doesn't matter.16%
Either, but 'fewer' is better.317%
Either, but 'less' is better.16%

For more on prescriptive/descriptive usage of these two words, see the Wikipedia entry on it.

How do you feel about...things?
0 = really sternly disapprove of things
3 = could learn to love it all, one day

When asked what I/we should do to celebrate the one year anniversary of CrustaceanSingles.com's daily publication, you answered:

Weenie roast.
Virgin sacrifice
Make cupcakes for everyone
this question really made me mad...like im furious right now, jerk.
No Pants Party
Blow something up
virtual dance party, advertise for it at a certain show this friday
sky diving without parashutes
burn something...
World tour
post some more webcomics
Massive Lobsterfest

The second to last one is probably the only one I'll actually do.

Finally: Words as weapons. Of the words I supplied, some seemed more weaponlike than others:

But as you can see, 'other' was the most popular. Here are some of the others:
I don't know what all these words mean, but anything can be used as a weapon if you hit someone hard enough.
(re: metathesis) switching letters around is more dangerous than any of us can know.
rhombus (I got chills)
otorrinolaringólogo, lächeln, skoenlapper, hvolpur (are those in that made-up language that Sigur Rós uses?)

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