It's not confidential

Mental Health
The sharply-dressed government agent had a birdlike quality to his movements as he glanced around the room and removed a thick manila envelope from his briefcase. He pushed it forward across the table, and his lunch date could see that the 'CONFIDENTIAL' stamp in red ink had a penciled-in 'not' in front of it.
The agent looked sheepish and said, "It would be nice if someone would read all my hard work for once. Anyone. My bosses at the agency don't even pretend to look at it anymore. I mean, they put it through the shredder while I'm still in the room."
The other didn't know quite what do besides order another drink. The agent went on, "There's some top-notch, state secret kind of stuff in there. I try to make the prose lively without going too Tom Clancy on it...what more can I do? I just need someone to tell me if it's good or bad. Just so I know."

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