27 June 2012

Embracing it is too much to ask

Well, look, I might be an accidental hipster. Why would I think such a thing? For one, the fountain pen in question is from a Carrefour on an island most people have never heard of, and it cost 85 francs, a currency you probably thought had been discontinued. Dang it.

In other news, don't forget to participate in Interrogation Tuesday (see yesterday's entry, or just go here). I'll have the results up tomorrow or Friday.


  1. I've heard of that island, store, and currency. I guess you'll have to find a new thing that nobody has heard of

    1. In my defense, I only said "most people". Maybe you just don't want to admit that you're a hipster with me.

  2. You could be right. These days I hang out around Orem. It's pretty far north of Provo, you probably haven't heard of it.