29 June 2012

One more blow to the dead horse

Aaand I think I'm done ragging on hipsters for a while. 

Interrogation Tuesday results:

Interesting. It seems that the majority of you have taken the...you know...to be something slightly risqué; some of us have already done that thing, whereas some of us are very unlikely to do that thing. The dissenting opinions were probably my favorites, but I don't know anything about Star Trek (sorry) or tap-dancing (not really sorry about either of them, actually) which apparently dooms my relationship with two more of you.

The smells/moods ended up making a pretty good graphic:

Choose the smell which best describes your current mood.
Between unwashed toes311%
Dusty carpet414%
Rubbing alcohol14%
Drinking alcohol27%
Overripe bananas14%
Wet dog14%
Musty book binding725%
Burnt marshmallow27%
New car00%
Expired shampoo14%
Garbage disposal00%
Chuck Norris' beard14%
Moist rust27%
So. A dang lot of 'musty book binding', but I was kind of shocked to see that for most of you, that was a negative mood. A composite sketch of Crustacean Singles readers made for a crime investigation shows an unhygienic, carpet-dwelling alcoholic librarian who goes camping and allows metals to oxidize. Emotionally speaking.
I can't say I'm surprised.

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