The medium and the message

Mental Health
"The medium is the message," someone at the last meeting had said. It struck Ron at the time that maybe their problem was in thinking too small. Why settle for one medium instead of multiple, cooperating media? The audiences in theaters and the DVD/BluRay/whatever purchasers were in steady decline, able to stream a ceaseless rush of whatever messages struck their fancy in the moment. Ron thought he had a solution, and was prepared to present it at today's meeting.
At its simplest, it was this: a hypersensory, pan-media experience that could reasonably be interpreted as any message the viewer wished. The entertainment version of a Rorschach inkblot, but stimulating every sense. And not something that would last an hour or two and then end; already Ron was envisioning pay-by-the-hour seats where consumers would be desperate for just a little more.

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