I might


This is true of almost anyone you meet. Really makes you think.


open mic / open wound


thank you for that uncomfortable applause
(and thank you for reading my comics. I will try to make better ones when/if I get some sleep)


The appointed time


You'll just have to torment yourself if you feel the need to be tormented.


Subterranean superiority


Been drafting in crayon quite a bit lately. It feels like a good match for my drawing skills.


Withholding hand


I needed to practice drawing hands, you see, and then suddenly there it was: the closest I've come to being proud of a thing in a very long time. (I shouldn't have to say it, but this one is certainly not autobiographical. I have high-fived my dad and will probably do it again. Also, we look much stranger than these creatures.)


A viable product for which demand exists


"Wouldn't their home already smell like dirt?" 

—"Perhaps they're living above ground for work and felt homesick. I didn't pry."


Anecdotal realization


I really gotta start realizing these things before I say them aloud in human company.


Nature's highest compliment

 I scribbled this on my phone! What a time to be alive! Sorry about the handwriting, though.