The greatest



'GHOAST' also stands for 'Greatest Haunter of All Space (and) Time' (cf. 'GOAT').

The subject of today's Remake Monday was first posted on 2018-10-27.


Monstrous motives



"Imagine showing up to the Science Abomination Society meeting with a stitchless monster! I'd be a laughingstock."


Potable and herpetological



Look, you can't just not dress your snake up for Halloween. Don't have any ideas? Let CrustaceanSingles help.


Preferred nomenclature


"...and I'll thank you to choose your words more carefully if you still intend to accompany my friends on our night hike."


The ones we bring back


"If you don't care about your patients, why even get into this business?"


Halloween tree


You're not waiting until the last minute to get yourself a Halloween tree, are you?


The real ghosts


In other news, it's Howlentine's Day, a celebration of love and friendship like Valentine's Day but spooky and weird.
I forgot to try to make a thing out of it this year because of who I am as a person, the decay of my brains and their fleshy vehicle, and the whole 'caring for a human infant' thing, but it's not too late if you read this. Tell your beloved a romantic ghost story. Find a cool spider to show to a friend. Or whatever. Happy Howlentine's Day.


A walk in the park


Fresh air, exercise, flexible hours...it's a pretty great gig.

The subject of today's Remake Monday was first posted on 2017-10-11.



You may have won


It might be a scam and/or bring about a terrible curse, but I'm still very tempted.


Formal similarities



"I can prove it! Give me some garlic! Or...watch me walk into someone's home without being invited!"