Season's greetings from the depths, part II

This a sequel to "Season's greetings from the depths" (24 December, 2016). It turns out that even great carols tend to get old pretty quick.

My then-fiancée/now-wife Sharah came up with a brilliant list of Fishmas carols for me, but my artistic abilities weren't up the task of illustrating most of them:
My drawing skills are still not worthy of her genius, but that didn't stop us from coming up with even more Fishmas carol ideas this year:
  • We Three King Crabs
  • A Whale in a Manger / A Ray in a Manger
  • Shark! Hear the Bells
  • Little Drummer Koi
  • Starfish of the East
  • O Holy Pike
  • I'm dreaming of a bite Fishmas, by Bing Jawsby (a shark)
  • As shepherds watch their haddock by night
  • Let it glow, by an anglerfish
  • I Wonder as I Flounder
  • It Came a Prawn a Midnight Clear
  • Ding Dugong Manatee on High
  • O Squiddle Town of Bethlehem
  • O Fishmas Reef
  • Bring Trout, Wild Bells
Maybe someday I'll be able to give some of these the illustrations they deserve. Or maybe some of you, dear readers, would like to give it a try?


re: Meta excuses

I've read what thousands of strangers have written as they shared it with their own friends and loved ones, and I wanted to collect it all into one big composite, a sort of crowd-sourced message of love and compassion.
Today, I made that message into a comic as well.

The universality of human experience

The above comic is a remake of this one from 2015.
In addition to the much-improved presentation and legibility, I've sharpened the wording.
Someday, I hope to do the same for more of these older comics.