An explanation is not an apology

Mental Health
OK, first of all, it's not our fault you left us alone with a flammable house. What did you think would happen?


How to use a refrigerator

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Standing before the smoking wreckage of what had formerly been his house, Pat took deep breaths, knowing he would get through this disaster, reminding himself that anything he had lost could be replaced.
Wait, he thought. I had half a sandwich in the fridge. This is not OK.


I've seen it

Editor's note: This was drawn on dot-grid paper, which is the best paper, but which shows up slightly in the image. I'm "sorry" to ruin the "quality" of the image.


He really threw him underbus

Mental Health
Brian Underbus was bored of explaining that yes, his last name did predate the existence of buses, but that a bored Ellis Island worker had snuck the first two letters (b and l) off of the spelling at the time of his great-great grandfather's immigration.