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"Don't worry about us, though. We're a gigantic corporation and will face virtually no repercussions for this or any of the other shady stuff we're up to."


Appetizing aesthetics

I just want to say that "Make your art and eat it too" sounds like a slogan that a far more successful version of me would be paid six figures to come up with for a gigantic corporation that makes sugar-filled modeling clay or something. ...By which I mean
1) I think it's a pretty good turn of phrase,
and 2) I'm extremely bitter about seeing so many people with unmerited success whose work I could probably do better than them, but which I will never get the chance to prove because of my Functionally Unemployable Disabilities™.
Rant over.


Solar sadness

The subject of today's Remake Monday was first posted on 13 May 2015.
It looked like this:

In my defense, I didn't own a scanner and often had to take pictures of my drawings on my phone. Still, though.


In theory, perhaps

It's a difficult field of study, one seldom appreciated by the layperson.

[Posted later in the day than usual because I did the thing again where I couldn't sleep at all last night and then crashed before I could come up with a comic and post it. Which is probably for the best.]


Packaged percussion

The subject of today's Remake Monday was first posted on 05 May 2015.

From the original, some additional prose:
'Boxerton: the Band' started with a groundbreaking concept: what if, instead of hitting drums, we hit cardboard boxes? Cardboard boxes also make sounds when you hit them, and also they are much cheaper than a drum kit. This line of reasoning was so simple that Steev (sic) the lead drummer was absolutely baffled that no one else was doing it.