A losing battle

Mental Health
When Victor became aware of the existence of bacon-flavored cheese puffs, he was already in the throes of bacon obsession. The difference between this particular bacon-infused product and all the others, however, was that this one could not be found. Not in his city, not in nearby communities, and not even anywhere he had thought to look on the internet. It was only a rumor, or a secret, or some elaborate practical joke on him.
It was in this state of frustration that he found himself turning to a less legitimate business, waiting to meet his shady contact in an alley behind a warehouse. He had heard that the guy specialized in pork rinds, but hoped he'd at least have a lead.


In the New World

Mental Health
Diego sat staring at the monkey for a solid five minutes, perfectly motionless and waiting to pounce. Unfortunately for him, the monkey had planned it out and, when it stole his food and ran away, it jumped over a pit that Diego hadn't seen, and into which he promptly fell. 


Should have brought a ladder

Mental Health
Meanwhile, the evil Dr. Vandertramp had been roped into participation in the community bake sale. His thumbtack cookies hadn't done any damage yet, as far as he could tell, and he found this rather upsetting.


Always the optimist

Mental Health
Jerome had no memory of spending his savings on a motorized bathtub on wheels, but as he careened down the road to try to reverse the transaction at the local bank, surrounded in bubbles and rubber ducks, he found himself taking a liking to the vehicle.


They're finally starting to be worth the investment

(a re-run, because I was at a battle of the bands in Salt Lake until late (we won, by the way) and am kind of amazed that I'm even conscious right now)

Interrogation Tuesday results are in

[*] Question 1 refers to the drawing posted on Tuesday.
Also, here are the responses in graphic form:

Do you agree with the dad's statement in the above drawing[*]?
I am very agree623%
I am a little bit agree831%
I am not opinion28%
A little disagree415%
It is not that519%



Mental Health
They were walking and talking about nothing in particular; things were tense at first, but they both began to open up. Just as things were starting to go well, Jerry fell into an open manhole and landed with a splash some twenty feet below.


You are not allowed to be bored if you haven't done this

Mental Health
It was Greta's neighbor at the door, and she had brought over a cake on one of her own plates, not on a paper plate or aluminum foil. It looked nice, Greta supposed, but– after thanking her neighbor, shutting the door, putting the cake on the counter, returning to it periodically to take a bite, and finally finishing it the next morning before going to work– only then did she realize that the plate had become a nagging responsibility. It was from a set, a set that no doubt demanded completeness, and Greta was sure that her neighbor was judging her for every minute that the plate remained unreturned. 
But she was so busy, and there was no one to delegate the task to. For a solid week, she wrote herself small reminder notes to wash the plate and return it, but never found the time. After that, she gave up on notes and just stared at it, guiltily, as it sat covered in crusted frosting and mummified crumbs, in the squalor of her kitchen counter. She began to avoid going outside when her neighbor might see her. Greta contemplated moving away to avoid the awkward exchange in store.
But one day, as was inevitable, a little over six weeks after the cake had arrived, the neighbor came knocking again. Panicked, Greta grabbed the plate and ducked behind the counter. But instead of going away, the neighbor opened her unlocked door and advanced on the kitchen. 
Greta had lost all reason; she feared for her life. Later the courts ruled that, when she had stood and thrown the plate like a discus at her neighbor, and that when it had neatly severed her neighbor's head, it had not been a malicious or negligent act. In fact, the jury felt so bad for Greta that they chipped in to buy her a "Congratulations on Innocence" cake, and made sure to put it in a disposable plastic container. 



Shameless self-promotion

This is a rough sketch of some album art (but who are we kidding, they're all rough sketches) for Red Yeti's new EP. I think the EP is titled, creatively enough, Red Yeti. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am in this band. In the spirit of awesomeness, we are playing a show tonight in Provo at the Velour and listening to us live is somewhat like what's going on in this drawing.


Scanners, scanners everywhere, and not a drawing to scan

Mental Health
Ted and Judy were having a nice date, all things considered, but their plan had yet to work: the parole officers who accompanied each of them didn't seem to be too interested in each other on this carefully engineered double date, and Ted and Judy had been counting on that for a chance to escape and wreak some havoc.


Try it out and see

Mental Health
Rolf's powers of hindsight offered him about six seconds of clarity as he hurtled towards the ground, where his predictable death was the only logical conclusion he could come up with.



Why am I standing here?

The editor wishes to remind you that not every drawing here is an entry from his personal diary, and maybe not every stick figure represents him or his thoughts and feelings.


For the last time

Mental Health
"You have disappointed me for the last time," he said, disappearing into his room. His mother could hear him through the door, digging madly through lego pieces. Was he playing to take his mind off of things, or was he plotting their demise?