A good thing going

"We were made for each other," he said, crunching a big brown leaf underfoot.
She pulled him by both arms until he was facing her. "Yes," she said. "As a punishment."
(Mental Health)



Fight Club and Office Space were made at a time when people didn't know how adequate their lives were. One day, even our current predicament will look laughably pleasant.


This too shall pass

Warning: a multi-panel comic follows. Take breaks as needed. Click to zoom in on the image if it's too small.


That would also work

In other news, as I've sort of half-heartedly announced a few times, I am writing a novel. It will not be the greatest novel ever written, but I think the story and its characters and themes are, like, deeply meaningful and also kind of funny, but how should I know? Anyway, I'm over 3/4 of the way through it, and getting from the middle to the end is the hardest part. I know how it ends, and I think that will be much faster to write.

We'll see what teaching and going to grad school has to say about that.


So fierce

In today's news, I'm writing stuff, still, I promise. There's a novel in the works and a distraction-based project I can't talk about yet. So all I have for you right now is a re-run from long ago.


Dark clouds, darker linings

*Please don't die on purpose. Being alive today might be a pain, but it gives you the option of being alive tomorrow, when things could potentially even not be so bad. If you feel like not being alive anymore, there are people you can talk to. Shoot me a message or call one of the hotlines.


The worst people

I'm almost awestruck at how some textbook publishers have figured out how to profit even more off of students by making the actual textbook worthless. The idea of a single-use, online account that comes with the textbook and can't be re-sold is amazingly fiendish; you can buy a used copy for cheap, but you still have to pay upwards of $100 just to get that code. I hope whoever thought that up gets a luxury suite in hell.