No flying away


I'll come back. Probably. Maybe.
(Reminder: I'm purposely breaking my eleven-year daily streak tomorrow and taking a sabbatical during the month of August. But don't worry: I'll be posting reruns every day during that time, so you can still get your daily fix.)


Eleven years


A Birthday Announcement
    I have been doing this every day for eleven years today. For a bunch of reasons, I have decided to force myself to take a break during the month of August this year. During that time, I'll post re-runs on the platforms where you read these comics. Your requests and suggestions could really help me out, so don't be shy if there's something from the archives you'd like to see. (The easiest to navigate {and most complete} archive is the one you can find on the desktop version of the terrible website you are currently on.)


Tool use among the ancients


"This tool may have held some ritual significance to its users, possibly as part of a celebration of the harvest."


Intergenerational comparisons


This ridiculous thought enters my mind whenever I encounter youths. But in my defense, I'm full of microplastics.


Hard at work


It's not a bad gig, aside from the constant misunderstandings and the occasional bout of writher's block.


Prance faster

 I scanned this fellow directly from my drafting notebook, because I just knew I'd never recapture that jauntiness if I tried to redraw it.