Makes sense

This one took a couple hours to do, for reasons it will hopefully explain. It's also not likely to be funny in the ha-ha way. Better luck next time.


Reflect upon it

Mental Health
"I'm good enough. I can do this," he told the impassive face staring back at him. 
"You aren't and you can't," it replied.
After a moment of reflection, he realized that his identical twin brother had replaced the mirror with a transparent pane, and was standing behind it.



History repeats itself

It's a sad day for me, friends. I was trying to think of a hasty doodle that would entertain you, and I came up with this:

But when I went to save it, there was already something else with that filename:

So not only are there no original ideas left in the world, but there are also apparently no more* original ideas left in my own head.
*way fewer than I'd like, at least

What can I do about that? For today, all I can do is give you an even more poorly thought-out sketch and hope that tomorrow I don't accidentally write a comic about a prince of Denmark who just lost a father.


Nihilist dad jokes #3

Special thanks to Roderick Y. for catching a spelling mistake which, though inconsequential as anything else in the universe, needed to be fixed for my own peace of mind.


Nihilist dad jokes

We apologize for the poor quality of this sketch and the scan thereof. If it's any comfort, our universe may one day experience heat death, long after everyone you love dies.


It hurts me that you eventually succeed when you so richly deserve to fail

Mental Health
It was one of those benignly bored evenings, and Hank and Henry fell to discussing videos they had seen on the internet, pretty much by default. 
Hank said, "Have you seen the one where it's this guy's birthday and he's blindfolded and they're bringing him a cake but he loses his balance and falls on the cake, and then there's just three whole minutes of him laying on the ground, still blindfolded, just eating the messed-up cake with his face and still crying?" 
"No, man. Let's watch it." Henry's tone was a perfect blend of the mild curiosity and benign indifference he felt.
 "Just...let...me...bring...it...up," Hank mumbled, but to his horror, Henry saw that Hank had just typed 'www.youtube.com' into his Bing search bar, and, when the results loaded, waved his cursor around the screen while trying to choose one of the results. He clenched his teeth and took a very slow breath as he watched on, feeling real pain but unable to look away.


Goodbye to an old friend

And for audio fans, here's a spoken word version of the cartoon from two days ago, because why not?