The adaptation game


The only truly consistent thing is change
(For anyone worried that CrustaceanSingles has become a baby-based comic, consider this episode 3/3 of the newborn trilogy. I'll be returning to the usual eclectic mix tomorrow, although I'm sure the baby will return to the frame from time to time.)




This is coming a little later in the day than usual, but we've been busy escaping the hospital. Everyone's finally home and enjoying my excellent lullabies.


Painting the wind


[I'm in 'burning off aimlessly weird drafts' mode here, because I have been at this hospital for about 56 hours so far and slept for almost none of it. But I now have a happy & healthy human baby, so I don't even mind all that much.]


A nebulous resemblance



I did soar through the air, but only once and with a distinctly downward trajectory.


the best ever non-band in this apartment


The subject of today's Remake Monday was first posted on 2015-05-05.

The original also included the following continuation text:

'Boxerton: the Band' started with a groundbreaking concept: what if, instead of hitting drums, we hit cardboard boxes? Cardboard boxes also make sounds when you hit them, and also they are much cheaper than a drum kit. This line of reasoning was so simple that Steev (sic) the lead drummer was absolutely baffled that no one else was doing it.



It really depends


After the break, tune in for a panel discussion with experts on both sides of the issue.


Cardiac contusions


Look, if I can't use this comic as an outlet for aimless weirdness from time to time then really what's the point?


When you assume


We've learned an important lesson today: always ask before abducting lifeforms and scanning their every molecule.


The application of heat


It's the 'yet' that will really stick with them, trouble their minds, keep them from falling asleep at night. That's the key to a quality retort.




There is a difference, but



They don't want you to know about this, but here's a trick you can use to save brain cells for more important things.


What we're all thinking


(It's Monday, but not a remake. I simply couldn't like any past comics enough to reinflict them on myself or others.)


Catching more flies


"The best time to evolve spinnerets was hundreds of millions of years ago. The second-best time is now."


Look but do not touch


The subject of today's Remake Monday was first drawn sometime in 2004, before there was such a thing as CrustaceanSingles. It was one of Lobsterman's earliest appearances on paper. I was not paying attention in class. There were more important things to do.
(The original drawing was subsequently posted on 2012-03-26 as a re-run.)