The adaptation game


The only truly consistent thing is change
(For anyone worried that CrustaceanSingles has become a baby-based comic, consider this episode 3/3 of the newborn trilogy. I'll be returning to the usual eclectic mix tomorrow, although I'm sure the baby will return to the frame from time to time.)




This is coming a little later in the day than usual, but we've been busy escaping the hospital. Everyone's finally home and enjoying my excellent lullabies.


Painting the wind


[I'm in 'burning off aimlessly weird drafts' mode here, because I have been at this hospital for about 56 hours so far and slept for almost none of it. But I now have a happy & healthy human baby, so I don't even mind all that much.]


A nebulous resemblance



I did soar through the air, but only once and with a distinctly downward trajectory.


the best ever non-band in this apartment


The subject of today's Remake Monday was first posted on 2015-05-05.

The original also included the following continuation text:

'Boxerton: the Band' started with a groundbreaking concept: what if, instead of hitting drums, we hit cardboard boxes? Cardboard boxes also make sounds when you hit them, and also they are much cheaper than a drum kit. This line of reasoning was so simple that Steev (sic) the lead drummer was absolutely baffled that no one else was doing it.