The boat

I got out of the boat*, and I'm really glad I did.
*the boat is not quarantine/social distancing/etc. Obviously.

The subject of today's Remake Monday was first posted on 26 March 2016. It also included the following text:
"It's just the ocean playing tricks on us. Just because it looks like we're on land, and it doesn't seem like we're moving, doesn't mean we should risk getting out."
_"Our ancestors wouldn't have sacrificed so much to stay in the boat if it wasn't really on the water. And I wouldn't feel such a dark, frightened feeling every time my doubts say we've been fooled."
"Absolutely. There's no other explanation for it."


What do they know?

Nobody knows anything, but we do have a lot of models with excellent explanatory and predictive power. So keep up that social distancing.


A spider in the home

 Some spiders choose to work outside the home, while others find fulfillment in full-time domestic life. This is something that every spider has a right to determine for themselves. Society needs to recognize the contributions of all spiders.

The subject of today's Remake Monday was first posted on 17 March 2016.


How hot?

I've had this one sitting in my drafts for years. I never liked it much, especially on the hyper-critical days where I hated all my own ideas enough to consider digging around for old drafts. I don't like it today, either. But I'm Even More Unwell Than Usual today and broken enough to not really care. I think the not caring is temporary. I hope it is. In the meantime, here's this. Now I can continue to call myself a daily webcomic.