Small increments

Of course, from an etymological standpoint, an anniversary can only be in units of years, but I'm taking this liberty with the language and you can't stop me.


Eye migration

Figure 1 from "Eye Migration Morphology in Cartoon and Stick Figure Faces When Subjected to Boredom," a groundbreaking new paper from Nicolas Schwartzengr├╝ber, a leading cartoonologist.


Learning bad lessons

PSA: Don't dehumanize people or groups. It might seem like fun, or a way to revitalize your declining nation's glory, but it never ends well.


How can I be sure?

Warning: today's drawing is creepier than usual. I figure most of the regular readers are into that, but there's your disclaimer.



Good talk

a doodle, in the evening, because believe it or not, I have a life outside of this dumb website.


What a deal!

Mental Health
Peter Kettle had shut the corner of his jacket in the door and was trying to locate the door handle without being able to turn and look at it.


If you really wanted to know

Mental Health
Peter Treacle always carried a live mouse in the front pocket of his shirt. No one ever asked him why, which irritated him to no end. The mouse was also called Peter, although Mr. Treacle did not know it; he had never bothered to ask. This was the principal source of frustration in Peter the mouse's life.