In pursuit of popularity



"Let's see...uh, the attendance policy. I won't give any hard-and-fast rules, here, but obviously if you're always here and always on time, with your little row of perfectly pre-sharpened pencils, etc., that's not super charismatic. But you gotta put in enough face time for us to form a positive opinion of you, too. Learning to strike this balance is what we're all about in Popularity 101, and going on to the intermediate and advanced popularity courses, too."

The subject of today's Remake Monday was first posted on 2022-03-28.




Now I see


Did you really think you could keep me in the dark about this forever?




Making it big


Good thing I don't make and perform with sock puppets, or I would be feeling pretty bad about myself right now!


Learn from my mistake


The subject of today's Remake Monday was first posted on 2015-03-07.
Mental Health from the original post:
"Your Honor, the defendant clearly violated the Wishes and Intentions Act, article 3 which states that, 'No genie or other wish-granting magical being may grant a wish against its primary, intended meaning without first obtaining the verbal confirmation of the wisher'. When my client wished for 'personal growth', this genie flouted the law by willfully ignoring my client's intent and granting the wish in an undesirable and gruesome way."



I'll have you know


This one started out as a completely different (and now forgotten) concept, for reasons explained therein.


Stop me if


Guy walks into a bar. Thinks he has something original to say.


Social science


"Anyway, that's my science project. I hope about 47% of you enjoyed it."