Hungry for love

It is my unfortunate duty to inform you that female mantids do not always eat the head of the male after mating. But I'm relieved to find out that it does happen, meaning I can still make jokes like this.


On the day of mothers

On important holidays that celebrate people I love, I always want to give them something meaningful that shows my deep appreciation for them...but usually I just end up drawing something weird for them.
I diverged from my usual style in at attempt to imitate the inimitable Sir Quentin Blake. This drawing is from a year ago today, but the story is much older. A classic that is often retold. One that I will not soon forget. I couldn't think of any cartoon for today's occasion that would top it, so here you go.

(For the record, I'm pretty sure we were well-behaved for the remaining duration of that shopping trip.)


Because of course this is happening

Mental Health
"You will soon find yourself dangling over a cliff's edge," said the fortuneteller, clearly a little surprised at her own specificity.
"I know," I sighed. "What else have you got for me?"



I mean, obviously there are measures to take, but few are taking them, and even when they do, this guy just undoes them. It's like everyone else is still trying to play chess, and he just keeps knocking the board over and sticking the pieces in his nose. When are we going to acknowledge that he's never going to follow the rules, and just get rid of him?



I used to call this category of cartoons "B-sides," in reference to some kind of archaic audio storage medium. Basically, if it was jotted down while I was searching for other, better ideas, but then later conscripted into service when I didn't have time/energy/etc. to develop something better. So. There you go.