Old Man Jeffords


Two youths stand in the background. One gestures at a man in the foreground. The man has a long, white-and-grey beard, a somewhat dazed expression, and wears an old white bedsheet like a poncho. He says, "boo?" The gesturing youth explains, "That's old man Jeffords. He put on that bedsheet on Halloween night twenty-some years ago, looked in the mirror, & scared himself so bad he thought he'd died & become a ghost on the spot. Acts like one ever since."

 He thinks his unfinished business is giving away candy, so it's pretty much a best-case scenario.


Unlikely being


A balloon with a face, including vampire fangs, thinks, "How did I even happen? Seems implausible at best."

Feels like I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel every day lately, but the demon who gives me my ideas isn't answering my texts.





A pumpkin, uncarved, has a thought bubble: "What could be scarier than no face at all?"

It's not because I'm scared of knives. Don't tell everyone I'm scared of knives.


Coulda been worse


Tomb stone with an epitaph reading, "You should see the other guy"

One of the nicest things about spooky season if you compulsively make comics every day is the thematic appropriateness of phoning it in with epitaph jokes. (I might have done this one before. There are almost 4500 of these things and I am just way too tired to check.)