Used to


A cloud in a bright blue sky looks sad and thinks, "I used to look like a dragon. / Now I barely even look like a cloud."

The cloud sees its reflection in bodies of water far below and remembers the way it used to be. Were things really better then? Who can say.



A single tear

   "You mean we're just going to leave it there?" said the xenobiologist.

   "Unless you have some extra fuel you've been keeping to yourself, we can't afford to take garbage back with us to Earth. Propulsion doesn't come cheap," the commander replied, at least half of her attention simultaneously devoted to something else.

   "But the ecosystem—"

   "What ecosystem? Rocks and dust? Listen, if it makes you feel any better, someday they'll have the technology to take care of the trash. It's the future's problem."


On a dusty, cratered moon, a large-eyed grey alien looks at a pile of human garbage and a planted flag. A single tear escapes one of the alien's eyes.



Not saying


A landscape with a field, trees, mountains. A hill in the form of a massive human figure lies sleeping in the midground, and its thought bubbles are the clouds: "I'm not saying / I NEVER want to wake up... (that's too dark, right? / ..."

No one who ever worried about me was wrong, but you don't have to worry about that. I just want to sleep on a geological timescale.


Social typology


Two stick figures are walking on a path in a park. One says, "We're kind of frenemies, right?" The other replies, "No. We're 'enemends'." [Screenreaders will probably not know what to do with that last word; it's a blend of 'enemy' and 'friend' just like 'frenemy', but composed of the opposite parts.] Also, a large bird is flying by, carrying a stop sign in its talons.

Seems like a distinction without a difference to me, but I guess I still have a lot to learn about friendship.


Love love love

Panel 1 of 3: A little figure smiles broadly and says, "I love you!" Panel 2 of 3: Four little figures stand closely together and say in unison, "I love you!" Panel 3 of 3: Zoom out to reveal the figures from panels 1 and 2 are puppets on the thumb and fingers respectively of a figure who looks smiling at them and says, "I love you!"


Thanks for reading! I love you!

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(Also, patrons got to see this comic last night instead of this morning. Imagine how much better your life could be if you were one of them.)


Leporine vengeance


A muscular rabbit with a furious facial expression says, "There will be time for gnawing on vegetables later! First, we must have revenge!"

"Suppose we did both at once?" asked a voice from among the mob. "Gnawed on vegetables as a form of revenge?"

Floof Hopkins only glared.


Unfavorable cephalic configuration


A two-headed worm or maybe snake, the kind with one head on each end, is in conversation between its two heads. Head 1: "Too bad we're this kind of two-headed." Head 2: Yes, brother." Head 1: "Are you ready for the pooping, brother?" Head 2: SIGH "I'm ready, brother."

There's nothing in the rules that says these have to be good. Always nice to remind myself of that.