Of dogs and houses


One dog asks another, "Do you have a doghouse?" The other replies, "No, I am a housedog."

"That's too confusing."

"Yes, let's give up on learning human language."




Person 1, pointing angrily: I resent you for being so hard to dislike. Person 2, smiling: And that's fine with me!

Another Rerun Monday. Am I too tired to draw a new thing today? Yes, but also I wanted to give recent readers a little taste of how much worse I used to be at drawing these things.


Handy to blame


A poorly drawn hand with a poorly drawn little face on its palm thinks, "I should learn how to draw."
If your hand has a face, it's responsible for its own failures. I don't make the rules.




Person 1, outraged: "What do you get out of complaining about things?" Person 2, calm: "What do you get out of complaining about my complaining? Because I get that, only purer."

Maybe the status quo could use some changes? I'm just thinking out loud here.


Happy spider day


A stick figure stands in a doorway, looking around at a number of large, friendly spiders on the walls and floor, and asks, "Are there usually do many spiders all over?" One of the spiders says, "No, it's a special occasion."

"Well, happy...spider...day."

(It's a Rerun Monday instead of a Remake Monday. I just didn't think I could do better than 2014's sloppy ballpoint and scribbly spiders.)


Sad math


Panel 1 of 2: A despondent person wears over-hear headphones and thinks, "If I listen to the sad music, it cancels out the sadness, right?" Panel 2 of 2: Same figure looks a little more resolute, almost hopeful, and thinks, "Yeah. The math checks out."

The comments section would not be an unwelcome place for music suggestions (although full disclosure, I'm in more of a western doom mood lately, e.g. Earth's "Hex; Or Printing in the Infernal Method").