Walk around the clock



"Granted, but I would argue that 'somewhere' is not at this funeral."


Objects of interest

I don't find nearly as many treasures when I "walk upright" like a "normal person".



Look out below


hello inventors society, it's me again wondering why you won't return my calls


Meeting in person

 Pretty sure I've used this line in person, way back when I was still pretending to have a social life.

The subject of today's Remake Monday was first posted on 2012-09-04.


Terrible knowledge

"Best-case scenario, you end up like me: see the universe, go mad from the knowledge of it, levitate above a mountaintop to warn new seekers...hardly a fun time, but it goes much worse for most people."


Moving forward and looking back


The last time I moved, I drew this one with a crappy ballpoint pen and made a terrible scan of it with my phone camera. This time, I'm too tired to even do that much. I'll hope to be back to new comics tomorrow.